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      SMC1015 Automatic digital cutting machine

      Can be any complex shape of typesetting accurate and fast blanking and blanking interval is small save a lot of raw materials for customers. Gantry frame is adopted to ensure the same cutting position and depth. Fast blanking speed 30-60 times per minute can achieve high production capacity. Equipped with advanced CNC cutting system and good operation interface it can be learned and used immediately. The imported servo control system has high precision and stable performance.



      Product details

      SMC1015 Automatic digital cutting machine

      SMC1015 自動數碼裁斷機 1.jpg




      1.Acomplicated shape can be any typesetting,conduct accurate fast red material,and red

      material small interval,for customers to save a lot of raw materials.

      2. Using gantry racks to ensure the cutting position the same depth.

      3. Punch feed spend,red material 30-60 times pr minute, ensbling high productinity.

      4. Coofigure advanced compotet numetical control cutting system, a good user 

       interface,the school that can use. 


      5. selection of imported servo control, high precision,stable perfonmance.
      6. Cutting Die and manulacturers are now consistent wtth the cutter, precision scanning tool

      profile device, so that accurate positioning of the tool die and accurate blanking

      7. Cutting process fully automated, the operator simply puts the material dispensing,greatly

      reduce labor intensity.

      8.With a safety light curtain protection,and the red material process without human

      intervention,greatly improving the safety factor


      technical parameter:


      About shoe machine:

      Zhejiang shoes Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of automatic equipment of shoes machinery: intelligent production line and automatic CNC cutting machine. It provides solutions and production equipment for shoemaking enterprises to improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, save human resources and ultimately reduce production costs. For more information, please call the hotline below. Thank you for your support

      Consultation hotline:13676440063

      Service hotline:+86-577-58808279
      addressTongpu Industrial Zone, Taoshan Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province


      Official account No.

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